There will be a maximum of 210Millions of tiles sold in $ and allowing the players to get their REKK, the Cryptocurrency used in our Metaverse.


Every few millions of Tiles sold the base Tile price is multiplied by 2.


That means that the cost of creating REKK by buying Tiles is rising progressively.



These REKK created by buying Tiles represent only one tenth of the total number of REKK that will be ever created.


So, the maximal number of REKK that could be minted is 2.1Billions. One hundred more times than the maximal number of Bitcoins.


That means that in terms of scarcity, one REKK is like 1/100th of a Bitcoin.



So, there are 10 Vaults of 210M of REKK to be obtained / minted, with different mechanics to get them, and different objectives. Let’s list them like the most famous Rings ever. ^^


  • 4 Vaults for the Community-kings under the sky,
  • 3 Vaults for the lucky Players in their Treasures Chests of stone,
  • 2 Vaults for the Hourly Airdrops doomed to be knock down,
  • 1 Vault for the Landlords on their Virtual Thrones,
  • in the world of Earthium where the fun and money lie.
  • 10 Vaults to amuse them all, 10 Vaults to attract them,
  • 10 Vaults to onboard them all, and in the greed and fun bind them,
  • in the world of Earthium where the fun and money lie.


Yes, all of this is precious! 😀