The Alterneum company, Game Studio launching Earthium, being the first project of the startup studio of Dojo, it logically applies the principles of Open Capitalism, which include:


  • an extension of the concept of stock-options to 100% of the initial shares of the company, distributed progressively by the leader of the project based on meritocracy.
  • a predefined allocation of the income of the company, 33% allocated for the development of the company, 33% allocated to the Team, and 33% to the shareholders (reserve for future dividends). In our special case of reality-backed cryptocurrency, that means 40% allocated to the “backing”, 20% for the development of the company, 20% for the team, 20% for the shareholders.
  • inspired by the principles of cooperative companies, and the ideal of a limited multiple between the highest and the lowest salary in a company, a new model for the distribution of the 20% of income allocated to the team. After one year of service, the maximum multiple between the highest and lowest salary in the company is 5.



And because it’s a recurrent question by stressed players in the field of metaverses, yes, Alterneum is incorporated in the UK. And among the declared shareholders, you will find DojoFactory, a French company registered and active since the beginning of 2018. 😉