As everybody, we love the fact to be able to use an affiliate code to both spare 5% on the price of your property, and at the same time to make a gift of the same amount to a friend or a newcomer.


As a matter of fact, this mechanics even gave birth to some personal stories, friendships and collaborations in our communities.


But as we want to compete for the title of the Most Generous Metaverse of the World (MGMW, seems like a movie studio!), we decided to get this one step further.


The first day (to be precise, the first 24 hours) a new Player is in the game, if the newcomer uses an affiliate code (or referral code), he gets a 10% reduction on the price of his Properties bought in cash, and the Player related to the affiliate / referral code used gets 10% of the price too. You’re. Not. Dreaming. 10% instead of 5% for the first 24 hours.


A good reason to onboard all your friends and relations, isn’t it? 🙂