Ambassadors are the cornerstone of the community-based strategy of Earthium.


With the Parliament, they are the two categories of Players earning REKK each month to thank them from their commitment towards the community. But contrary to the Players Parliament, Ambassadors are named following their commitment in time for the community, and not their commitment in money.


Like the Players Parliament, the Ambassadors have one Vault of REKK dedicated to them. That means that, like the Players Parliament, each month they will collectively receive (if all the positions are taken) as much REKK as the Players have minted during the month by buying new Tiles.


The Ambassadors can change every month: it’s an honorific Title, with an amount of REKK to thank them for their contribution the previous month, and not a persistent position.


Each month we can name a maximum of 40 Ambassadors::


  • 12 Operations Ambassadors: Players having contributed to the current community, for example taking charge of validating some Properties Resources, or betatesting / helping to balance some new features (units, items, etc.).


  • 12 Language Ambassadors: Players having contributed to our external communication for a specific country or language, for example by managing social networks, reviewing translations, connecting some other communities, etc.


  • 12 Promotion Ambassadors: more classical, that means that Earthium has a full program dedicated to Influencers, on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or other social networks, and to other kind of intermediaries able to get Earthium a huge success!


  • 4 Special Ambassadors: Bonus Seats allocated for reasons that can vary from month to month. We need jokers, either to cover a contribution we didn’t think of, or to give a bonus to a Player having contributed in an extraordinary way this month.


The monthly REKK budget is equally split between these forty Seats of Ambassadors. A same Player can have contributed to several parts of the game and deserve several Seats just for himself.


The main difference with the Parliament is about the empty Seats: the REKK that should have been allocated to an Ambassador, but for which there is not yet any Ambassador, will NOT be split among other Ambassadors.


These REKK will instead be put in a BlackOps secret budget, that we will use for… Sorry, it’s classified.