Respect is the first value we want to promote, for several reasons:

  • it says that we want to treat our community with the utmost care
  • it leads to non-toxic behavior on social networks as a norm
  • it can guide us towards better features in the platform.


And on this last point we thought on two specific features that seem required to care for our community.


Some Players could be offended by having a specific landmark, symbol of their country or religion, with a specific flag on it, or possessed by another Player whose they know the country or religion.


But at the same time, on this kind of platform and game, anybody should be allowed to buy anything.


The answer was simple:

  • when you buy a Property, you can check the “Anonymous buy” option, and your name or nickname will not be displayed.
  • and each time you buy a Property, you can select a different Flag. Your main Flag is selected by default, but you can change it.


Values have to be demonstrated, not said or written. We hope you like it!