Even if Earthium hires a mix of employees and contractors to manage the different areas and languages, being for the promotion or the community management, you need 100% trusted persons to supervise their work and ensure everything is working fine and we work with the right persons.


And as we strongly target non-US non-EU Players, to be the first real attempt of a global Metaverse, we need these persons in the main Team as soon as Earthium is launched.


We selected 3 main areas and huge populations to target since the beginning:

  • Francophone countries in Africa (around 50% of them, the rest speaking English), covered by Frederic Dembak – Le Strat.
  • China, requiring Chinese, covered by Zirao Zhang.
  • and India, fortunately speaking English, so covered by… almost everybody in the Team! 🙂


In a second round, we will decide which language we need to have an internal supervisor for, depending on the success of Earthium in the relevant area: South America, Russia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Arabic countries and Germany will be amongst the most monitored candidates.