Ok. For this one, we will not provide a lot of details at first, because the Lost Continents are the main targets or the Game Storyline.


But let just explain the thing about being able to build or not what you want in this Metaverse.


As we said before, we don’t want the Players to be able to build whatever they want wherever they own a Property, because we want to maintain the consistency between our Metaverse, and the real world as displayed by satellite view and street view.


And anyway, as somebody could force you out of your Property, taking a lot of time, love and dedication to build your own thing then lose it could be frustrating.


So, we opted for a different approach, a tricky one.


There is one kind of location when we don’t fear a sudden change shown in satellite view on the real Earth: the middle of the Ocean.


And at the same time, real Earth being covered more than two thirds with oceans and seas, that’s a lot of wasted places.


I think you see where we’re going with this? 😀


Atlantys will probably be the first Lost Continent to emerge. The area will be made impossible to buy since the beginning. And at some point, it will rise from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. A brand-new continent.


It will be more like a showcase, to get you hyped to find the next one(s), because except for special cases, you will not be able to buy anything there.


But we will build on it.


Shops, casinos, universities, places to connect with the real world and offer real world Companies and other Organizations to onboard Earthium and connect with the community.


And we don’t speak here of ads panel, hmm. Useless, hateful, inefficient, non-profitable things, as already demonstrated by Internet in the majority of cases.


We’re speaking of live interactions, everything you dream of when you see a future when you will put a helmet on and hack your five senses to feel everything in a virtual world.


Atlantys is our showcase and dedicated lost continent for this.


Mu Continent should also be one of the first lost continents to be “activated”. It will be hard. It will be long. Not only Players should cooperate to make it happen, but Houses should cooperate too for this to happen. But who knows, with the talents of the Players, and some luck, it could happen faster than expected…


On Mu Continent, that’s EXACTLY the opposite of the land replicate from the real Earth:

  • you can build anything you want on your Mu Property
  • you can choose to sell your Mu Property or not (no forced sale),
  • maybe we will even make your Mu Properties NFTs on the blockchain and allow them to be traded outside of Earthium.


And you don’t have to wait for the Big Quest to be solved to invest in Mu Continent. As a matter of fact, there will be some concessions on future Properties on Mu Continent distributed in different ways:

  • special events dedicated to Players,
  • special Prizes for the best Houses in the Leaderboards, as it is on Mu Continent that the Houses will have their Strongholds materialized in the Metaverse, and the best ones will have huge Mu Properties reserved for this.


And no, there’s nothing else to say about it. Yes. Atlantys and Mu Continent. Sure. That’s all. What? We reserved the domain names Avallon.quest, Agartha.quest, Lyonesse.quest, Eldorado.quest, and so many others? Naaaa, it’s a coincidence. ^^