We think the forced sales on a not free Market is a great feature to have a very active Market.


But everything being automatic is lacking a little bit of live interactions.


Bids are not enough for this. So, we’ve got Auctions.


Auctions are regular Events where the starting price is defined for the Player who wants to sell to be sure to recover at least the amount of the original purchase. The official Team(s) in charge of the Auction House(s) receive propositions from Players to list some Properties for the next Auction. And accept or refuse and build the listing of the next Auction.


Then it’s a live event. Bid, outbid, once, twice, thrice, sold!


At first the only official Team is from Earthium. But some Houses can progressively earn, as a privilege, the right to hold Auctions too. And in this case, they will receive a part of the classical sales Tax to improve their House!