Dojo created StartupMakers consortium with the support of Paris Stock Exchange, to be precise the Pole Finance Innovation of Paris Europlace.


Together, we worked on innovation mappings, technology reports, and various single events and program of conferences to reach a large population of Corporate Executives and Business Angels.


So, it was really logical to get one step further together, and in 2020, Dojo, StartupMakers and Pole Finance Innovation signed an exclusive commercial agreement to develop Training programs and offers targeting at first Corporate Executives, to upcycle their skills, and to help them either to keep their work or to find another work more easily because of the Covid crisis.


These Training programs are based on the understanding of the mappings of startups and of innovation sectors that were developed with Pole Finance Innovation. And these are used for the Leaderboards in the second layer of Earthium, the Business Simulation Serious Game, to allow the best Players to earn more REKK, whose market price is supported and boosted by real-world assets!


So, as far as Pole Finance Innovation is concerned, all of Earthium is a way to disseminate our works and make more people aware of these offers.


And at the same time, as an entity dedicated to the innovation in Finance, they will follow with great interest the experiment on our REKK cryptocurrency, and will, when the time will be right, promote it to their huge network of financial professionals, startups, Corporate giants and official institutions, in France an in Europe.