To demonstrate our care towards our community, we decided to take and destroy a symbol, the imperator of bad signals.


The worst thing you can do to your community on a Virtual Land Trading Platform is to fail them regarding the withdrawals.


If it comes from a bug or problem, it’s the worst thing that could happen to your platform.


And for the Players, it’s the worst thing to suffer. It’s a dealbreaker. And it destroys the trust that you’re trying so hard to build with them.


So, we wanted to strike hard on this point. And we did it.


Here is our Cash Out Policy:

  • you’re supposed to be paid in 72h when you withdraw.
  • on simple proof of the delay, BEING FROM OUR RESPONSABILITY OR NOT (Hi, PayPal)
  • we add 5% of the withdrawn amount you’re waiting for by day late.


This fine is immediately paid in in-game Credits, allowing you to buy more Properties to cover the stress you had waiting for your money.


(As for everything, that doesn’t work if you delay on purpose the fact to receive the money ^^)


Ok, let us know: did you already hear something so clear and generous in this sort of situation? 😉


As Obama (nearly) said about Earthium: Yes, we care!