The Explorers are looking for special Resources and Items, betting on their luck to hit the jackpot.


But you don’t need an Explorer to buy a Gold Mine and expect to get some Gold from it. And you don’t need an Explorer either to buy a River and expect to get Water, or to buy a Vineyard in Nappa Valley or Nuits Saint Georges and expect to get some good Wine. So, the Properties should be able to produce some Resources independently from the Explorers.


But at the same time, in a globalized world, if you have enough money, any basic resource, being wine, gold, ore, oil or else, his abundant, and you can have them delivered at your door in almost any quantity. So, there is nothing interesting in displaying in detail your Resources of this kind: it just comes back to money at the end. So, we decided to introduce Resources Points (RP) to take charge of these “not so rare and special” Resources.


Here is how it works.


You can spend some $ and REKK to activate a Property you own. This raises the price of your Property one step higher as if there had been a transaction. Activating a Property can allow you to earn NFT Landmarks.Cards linked to this Property, if it’s a famous Landmark. An Activated Property produces RP, Resources Points. Think of colorless mana. This RP is used to move in a Tech Tree, researching new technologies, allowing you to buy new Champions, Supporters, stuff them, and constitute Teams.


Then you can spend some $ and RP to allocate a Team on this Property that will become a Managed Property. This raises the price of your Property one step higher. Managing a property can allow you to earn an NFT Tycoons.Cards. Managed Properties produce Mana (Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green), depending on its Category. Mana is used to moving in an Insight Tree, researching new Insights, allowing you to buy new Explorers, Followers, stuff them, and constitute Conclaves to achieve some Quests.