In the last years, we saw a lot of startups, being in the gaming industry, the blockchain industry, the SaaS industry, that failed because they underestimated the importance of their community.


Everybody speaks of their community nowadays. Because they want to crowdsource something, or to crowdfund their development. But in the end, most of them still think of a list of customers, and try to reach them by channels, funnels, marketing automation, etc.


We saw the rise of the power of collectives. We saw Reddit make Wall Street shiver. We saw open source progressively make its way in all the administrations, and creative commons become a credible standard.


In our eyes, software can be redeveloped, servers can crash and be rebuilt, features can be added or removed. Funds can be raised, income can be developed, UX/UI can be improved. All these elements are important.


But nothing is as important as your community.


The community of such a project is our main asset. We have to speak with the community on a regular basis. We have to ensure the community (as a whole, there will always be trolls or haters, even in a family they often exist! :-D) feel secure, feel our care.



Let’s get one step further: the community should be spoiled. Not only the youtubers or other influencers. Not only the big buyers, the “whales” or “big fishes”. Your first members are your greatest asset. Even the more critical ones. The worst is not opposition or criticism. The worst you can receive is indifference.


So that’s our vision, and commitment. And like for love, there is no care, there is only proof of care. Let’s prove it then! 😀