We all lived a terrible year and a half. Reality is hard, news is depressing. And at the same time, everybody worries about economic crisis and money. That’s probably why we’re all so hyped on Metaverses: they seem so much more fun than reality…


But when you get on the first attempts of Metaverses, you can only buy pixels without any real value. And if there is no value, you’re just wasting your time. Even if the only value is a speculative opportunity, and without speaking of Ponzi or other brown words, that means they are a place where you come, place a bet and leave, not a place to stay and interact.


The ideal option would be a real Metaverse, using a Cryptocurrency minted by buying Virtual Lands. That Cryptocurrency would be the support of a Serious Game, a game allowing the Player to earn real-world assets. And all of this should be encompassed in a real Game, fun to play, addictive, with some parts of a RTS, Real Time Strategy Game, and some Quests and Enigmas to solve, individually, as a group in a House, or collectively as a community to move the storyline forward.


That’s exactly what we’ve done. We developed Earthium with this exact vision. And Earthium, the platform, includes REKK, a new kind of Cryptocurrency, since day 1. Earthium is backed by Paris Stock Exchange, the real-world one! And Earthium includes Resources to discover and collect since day 1.


Welcome to Earthium!