Let’s kill the troll as soon as possible.


When you design a project or a product, you don’t have to try to be exotic or original on everything. Anyway, it would be impossible. Even more today, with Internet and the social networks, ideas and concepts circulate, people test and try, build ideas layer after layer, react to ideas from the others to create better ones.


Second Life, more than ten years ago, opened a new island and some people made money by investing in virtual real estate. That was the first time a lot of people heard and thought about Virtual Lands speculation. More than ten years ago!


Our responsibility is not always to invent something totally new, even if it was possible. Our responsibility is to design a great project, a great product, and to please a population of users / players / customers / investors, you name it. Ideally enough of them for the project to grow and the community to prosper.


So, we’re at ease with the fact to take what is good and improve what is bad in other projects. Nothing to be ashamed of. And it will be normal for other projects, already existing or new ones to come, to take some of our better ideas and build on it, trying to make even better projects or products than Earthium.


That’s life, and that’s the way we all benefit from better computers, games, services and products in our daily and professional lives.


Competition is good. And the best ones are competing with themselves. That’s the way we want to move on, with your help!