We all played on several other platforms, and what’s the use to come later if you don’t improve the features and the Players experience? 🙂


We will listen to the ideas coming from our Players, and so the list will grow longer week after week, but here are the first ones developed:

  • Filters on assets. When you have bought several tens of assets, it’s easy to navigate among them, to find a specific asset you bought several weeks ago. But when you have bought several hundreds or thousands of assets, it becomes impossible. That’s why we developed filters to apply to your own assets. The same kind of filters you need and will have on the Market!
  • Flags by Property. Being to show respect and avoid offending anybody on specific landmarks, or to create artistic groups of Properties to draw Mona Lisa, or for all the members of the same House to display their own Flag on all the Properties of the House to demonstrate their collective power, this is a killer Feature!
  • Fuse Properties. I don’t know for you, but what could be more horrible than having the Sphinx in Egypt split in two separate Properties? Hmm. I cringe just thinking about it. Sheldon Cooper, get out of this body! Ok, let’s buy the two properties and fuse them. Ahhhhhh. I can breathe again. One Sphinx, one Property. I will be able to sleep tonight!