On the first Virtual Lands Trading Platforms that were released, everything is presented as if the value of a Property was defined by the value of the Tiles of this Property.


Red, green, +7.000%, -42%, these items say NOTHING about the real potential value of a Property, don’t help AT ALL to compare two Properties on sale in the Marketplace, and don’t help a new player AT ALL to estimate the potential of his Properties, as they are only based on the difference between the price the seller paid, and the current price of tiles in this city or country. These two elements being 100% independent of the considered Property… And we see it as a big problem. 😉


So, in Earthium, we decided to directly focus on the Properties and not on the Tiles. Because a Property of 100 Tiles in the middle of Roma and another Property of 100 Tiles including the full Colosseum should NOT be displayed with the same reference points of value on the Market.


And for the same reason, we created a new feature, named Property Recycling.


The idea is very simple: you have the right to regret buying a Property, and you have the right to want to change for another Property.


By paying 20% of the price that you paid for a Property you don’t want anymore, you can retroactively cancel your initial purchase. The Property will be deleted, the Tiles will be made available again, and you will recover your initial amount in in-game Credits, to be able to use these Credits to buy another Property instead.


No more stuck with bad Properties that you regret, just before a new Timezone release. Pay the 20% fine, recover your stuck money, and find better spots to buy!