The Game uses Resources to develop your Tech Tree(s), build a business empire, etc.


Some of these Resources will simply come from your Properties. They are all aggregated under the form of Resources Points (RP).


But it’s even more exciting to look for lost Treasures or discover Rare Resources (Kryptonite, Mithril, this kind of things).


That’s what the Explorers are doing.


Explorers are Units you can move on the Map, able to explore the Tiles to look for Rare Resources.


Any Player, just having registered on Earthium, without buying any Tile, begins with one Explorer, that will allow the Player to explore one Tile each day.


Then you can develop your Exploration Team: buy new Explorers, stuff them, get some boosts, as a Player or for all the members of a House, etc.


And your Explorer can also find some Treasure Chests and win some Credits. These Credits allow you to buy Properties, even without any starting capital.


This is a great way to make your friends, followers or contacts discover Earthium. And some Houses can also develop by recruiting new Free Players to explore, then trade the Resources for Properties, allowing them to onboard the Virtual Lands layer without spending any money.


So, the free Explorer makes Earthium a Freemium Game.