Current Metaverses are not cooperative enough. Players can organize themselves with a common Discord, build Megacities together and define internal roles and titles – special dedication to SHP 😉 – but there is nothing in the platform itself to support this.


There should be.


And now there is.


In Earthium, we value Cooperation. Because a Metaverse should be all about social and game interactions.


And Resources are a great natural way to enforce this cooperation:

  • you find Resources but not the type required to your Tech Tree or what you try to do / build: here the need for a specific Market.
  • as a member of a House, you need a lot of various Resources to boost your House, and so give boosts or privileges to all the members of the House. Here the opportunity for cooperation, specialization, organization of the House with different roles, titles, powers etc.


And as we want this Resource Game to be one of the key elements of the foundations of this cooperation, the Resources Game should be Freemium, and that’s the way we did it. Anybody can come, register, and begin to play this layer of Earthium without spending any money, using the free first Explorer to look for Special Resources and Items!