We are all children, hidden behind serious appearance, adult behavior and professional simulation! 😀


And as any children, there are few things we love more than Treasures Hunts. Probably sweet memories of chocolate bunnies or eggs…


That’s why we wanted to offer you this experience on a regular basis: we will launch a Treasure Hunt EVERY WEEK.


But we don’t want the Treasure Hunt to be like a lottery, just buying Tiles in a predefined area and praying. It’s exciting the first time, we’re not sure excitation will stay if we do it this way each week. It will appear too much as a marketing trick to sell more Tiles.


So, we found a very simple way to dodge this bad aftertaste: the weekly Treasure Hunt will be FREE (or 99,999% Free to be precise ^^).


We developed a way to make Overlay Flags or Symbols appear on Tiles not yet bought by anybody.


That means we can launch a Treasure Hunt in Yellowstone Park or Himalaya, having the Players search for the symbols without buying anything, until they are the first one to find one of these special Tiles with a symbol, and just buy THIS Tile to get the Prize. 😀


Ok, we can also mix with some classical Hunts-Lotteries where you buy and pray, but it will be more occasional events (probably more generous ones). But we love the idea to offer you children-like NEW memories of Treasures Hunts without any money involved, just running in the grass – or in this case, checking the map over the grass as if you were flying over the landscape looking for the Treasures.


Let us know how much you love the idea!