Ok, as the Virtual Land first Layer of Earthium is about buying and selling loads of Tiles defining Properties, we also had to think about great features regarding the map and the Player experience.


Being Players ourselves, and involved in several other communities, we listed four pain points to solve:

  • the map is not large enough. We need a Fullscreen mode, where you can buy WITHOUT quitting the Fullscreen mode. Here the “Instant Buy” button in Fullscreen mode. You will love it!
  • when you try to draw a Property with the form of a smiley, or just to spare some money by buying just the Tiles you need to cover all of a landmark, you often fail and with the current interfaces, you just clear and try again, which can be frustrating the third or fourth time (being clumsy myself, I speak from experience). So, we added a simple way to “sculpt” your Property: double-click add a Tile to your selection, but another double-click REMOVE a Tile from your selection! 😀
  • it would be really frustrating to select a load of Tiles, click outside of the Map, get under the Map to see the information, etc. Even more frustrating would be to have to get on another interface to edit the Property information (name, description, etc.). So, we designed a different interface: a nice drawer slides from the left or the right side of the Map to appear when you need it, and that’s where you change the information, select your mode of payment ($ or Credits), change the Flag, decide to be on Anonymous Buy mode or not, etc.
  • and last but not least, all these elements are reachable directly from the Map. When you navigate and find a Property you already own for example, you can click on it and reach the same Drawer to Edit it without having to use another interface.


More ideas will come, and most of them will come from the community. That’s the way it’s supposed to be: a Metaverse SHOULD be a collective creation, even regarding the features and interfaces! 😀