Frederic Dembak – Le Strat, an entrepreneur since 1998, business angel since 2008, CEO of Alterneum / Earthium, in charge of the game content and storyline, managing an international team of 8 full-time persons covering different time zones to create and develop this content.


Laurent Rak, the jack-of-all-trade developer since 2011, working with Frederic since 2016, in charge of the technical part of Earthium, managing a French team of 4 persons + 3 technical supplier companies.


Christophe Connille, President of several NGOs gathering young professionals of the Finance sector, a specialist in finance innovation, invested around 1M$ in several companies created by Frederic since 2016, and working with him since 2017, managing an international team of 3 persons to develop the financial part of Earthium.