You should have fun every day. Life is hard, especially these years.


Earthium has to be a sanctuary, a safe haven where you forget all your worries and real-world issues.


That’s why we didn’t design a Virtual Lands Trading Platform, with a few blurry updates about a far future to maintain some artificial hype.


We designed a fun and addictive experience, making you smile as much as possible.


You know these bells in a casino announcing someone just hit the jackpot? We want to provide you this kind of excitement, on a daily basis.


So, in Earthium, in addition to Hourly Airdrops and recurrent Treasure Chests, you will experiment weekly Side Events, like Treasure Hunts, Contests, in addition to longer Events and Quests related to the Main Storyline and the Side Storylines. And we will add more and more Side games, in Earthium and on our official Social Networks, to maintain the flow of happiness and surprises.


We want to be your moment of smiling in a boring or difficult day. And we have already begun, several weeks before the opening, in our Discord Channel, to get the tone right since the beginning.