Alliances, Guilds, Leagues, Clubs, Clans… Any online game is not only defined by the possibilities offered to the Players, but also by the possibilities the game or platform provides to the players to organize themselves in groups or communities for the sake of collaboration or competition.


In Earthium, we call these groups Houses. Anyone can form a House, all you need is a Discord server, at least 5 other members ready to sign up, and a name. Within reason that can be anything you want that isn’t already taken.


When a property is bought it is tagged with a flag. Why limit that to a national flag? Exactly our point. If you are in the House of Anfield, or the House of Pain, or the House of the Starks of Winterfell, you can fly any (non-copyright) flag over your property – a Liverbird, a Shamrock, a Direwolf, you name it.


But the main point is you can work together, as a House, to earn special Privileges and Boosts for all your members, boosts that might, for example, raise the probabilities for all your members to find Treasure Chests.


And one of these Privileges is a free market for in-game Resources (not the Properties, just the Resources), and maybe later Items.