We all loved Indiana Jones and dreamt of having the same kind of adventures.


How many of us tried this kind of hat, somewhere between 13 and 60 years old, to get the look and feel (until the mirror crash test, at least for me :D)?


How many of us, taking holidays in a dream country, from Egypt to Cambodia, dreamt of discovering a lost temple and avoid danger like Indy or Lara Croft to find the lost Relic and maybe, by the way, save the world?


We wanted to give you this feeling in Earthium. And we did it.


There are a lot of secrets to discover in Earthium. There are Lost Temples, Hidden Organizations, Forbidden Rituals, Horrible Curses and Forgotten Manuscripts. Some of them will be the main topic of monthly Quests, with announcements made from the Team to launch the Event. Some of them will not even be announced and explained, just triggered by some Players, maybe without knowing it themselves (local people SAID to NOT buy this area, guys! The legend says that… :-D).


Remember just one little detail: every legend has a reason to exist. Every population that kept the memory of something for generations had probably a good reason to do this. Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Almost every time.


But maybe, just maybe, you cannot find anything except for Durin’s Day… 😀