When you begin your first company or project, you’re so confident and control freak that you want to develop everything yourself, “to be sure”, “to be perfect”, “to be exactly what I want”.


And you spend a lot of time, energy and money reinventing the wheel again and again.


And this lost time, energy and money often makes the difference between success and failure.


The Earthium Team is an experienced one. We made this mistake. Several times. And we learnt.


So now, when we begin a project, one of the first meeting about the product architecture is about “which not critical parts can we delegate, using another product or technology?”, to keep our time, energy and money focused on a list of critical parts, and make this list as little as possible, to make these parts as great as possible. And we look for rock stars products to cover the other parts.


And on Earthium, the critical parts are the Resources and Business Simulation Serious Game, and the Exploration and Quests Game.


So, we decided to look for third-party products and services to cover the Map, the Blockchain and obviously the Servers parts.