We decided that the Properties in Earthium would not be NFTs because we want to keep control of the exchange of Properties, and so there is no use to get them on any blockchain. Instead of this, when you buy a Tile that was never bought before, you earn a REKK.


But NFTs are a great way to engage a community and launch various side events and side games. Imagine the scene: you buy a Tile or Explore a Tile to find Special Resources. You click. And suddenly you hear the music and see pink unicorns dance for you on the map.


A Treasure Chest explodes in front of your eyes. She’s made of platinum. You never smiled so much since the day your first date said yes.


You click on the Treasure Chest. An announcement says that you just found 125 REKK and 200 Credits.


And then, when your heartbeat is slowing down, something else happens. A form appears above the open Treasure Chest. This metallic taste in your mouth, that’s the adrenaline. You begin to sweat. With a shivering hand, you click on the form, and…


… and the music begins. A sound you never heard. As anybody on Earth. The song begins. You recognize the voice. It’s Shakira! It’s a new song of Shakira! You’re the first one on Earth to hear it! And it’s a special NFT, with a certificate of authenticity from Shakira herself!


Unique in the world! And a countdown is launched: you’ve got 4 hours of exclusivity to buy it at a special price.


If you were excited by this story, you will love the Earthium version of NFTs. 🙂