This is maybe the more radical choice we made, defining a full different economy in Earthium, very different from the attempts of Metaverses we already know.


The Property Market is not a free Market.


Are you not tired of Markets full at 99% of two kind of Properties, on one hand Properties with huge dream prices that nobody will ever buy, on the other hand Properties displaying big -80% signs because there’s nothing interesting on it but the Tiles Price has raised enough since the original purchase to make a profit even with a -80%?


Do you imagine how much this is damaging (both of them) for the first impression of a newcomer?


Enough with this. We have taken a strong and original stance: The Player doesn’t decide to put or not on the Market and doesn’t decide the price of the Property on the Market.



That’s why we said we were focusing on quick wins and not long-term static bets.


We want a hyperactive Market, when you multiply very fast your fortune if you take some good spots.


We want a newcomer to put 10$, go out to the grocery store to get a drink and come back to see his property is gone but there’s $25 in his account.



At first the Players used to the other platforms will be disoriented. We know. It’s okay. They will bypass that by seeing their money grow on a daily basis, instead of having a nice list of properties and dreaming of far future full of gold and diamonds.


And the real difference is for the newcomers: they will see a very vivid Market and will have a very good first impression. And they will stay. Which is the interest of everybody in the community.


Last but not least, this choice will lead to huge benefits for everybody:

  • we believe a food chain will appear. The “Whales” will not rush to be the first to buy the Colosseum. It will change hands several times, savvy players with big budgets will be wise to get it when it reaches the 3-digits mark, instead of competing with others for whom smaller (but more assured) returns might appeal.
  • that means an opening has no reason to be a crazy rush: the players with limited budgets might want to get in early on some prime properties but those who can afford to wait, or who prefer to be less active in terms of numbers of trades, might prefer instead to find large plots they feel will be less competed over but yet still have a few “turns” in them, and then wait until the Empire State Building and its 16 or 20 tiles has gone from $1.60 to roughly $500 and look to make roughly $1100 profit, rather than fighting it out to make $3.40 in the early days.
  • more subtle, we CANNOT have the classical problem of three different persons clicking at the same time on the White House, one of them getting it at last, and the two other ones swearing they will never come back again. If that happens on Earthium, one of them will receive the White House, and the two other ones will receive as a compensation EXACTLY the amount they would have earned if they had bought the White House and another Player had then bought it from them in the Market!