There are a lot of discussion about Metaverses, to know what to do with Ready Player One vision and the 1:1 copy of Earth.


Some of them decided and announced that every human construction (buildings, roads, etc.) will be erased, and their Players will be free to build a brand-new world as they like it.


It’s probably the dream of any Minecraft Player, and Minecraft is something incredible, just the Secret Library being a surprising idea and collective achievement. But we were not seduced by this option, for several reasons:

  • why would I buy the Eiffel Tower instead of some Tiles 20 meters from the Eiffel Tower, if anyway the Eiffel Tower will disappear, and I will be allowed to build what I want on the nice 3D/VR grass?
  • and why would I buy the Eiffel Tower to rebuild it after the “big reset”, if somebody can build another Eiffel Tower 20 meters from mine?
  • and more than everything, we are not Minecraft players. 😀


Some others decided to announce that they would keep every building as it is on Earth. Even if the task seems impossible, with the progress of Artificial Intelligence, beating humans in Chess, Go, Poker and even StarCraft now, it’s not hard to imagine that at some point, an IA could use Street view and Satellite view to rebuild all the buildings. But once again, we weren’t seduced by this option, for several different reasons:

  • why would you like to keep hundreds of millions of basic suburbs cloned houses or buildings that you wouldn’t want to live in? Or agricultural buildings or constructions without anything specific?
  • and when the real world changes, and the satellite and street views evolve, how do you manage the potential inconsistencies?


So, in Earthium we decided to choose a different approach:

  • not all buildings are worthy to exist in a 3D/VR Metaverse on a 1:1 copy of Earth. Let’s import / replicate / design ONLY the worthy ones.
  • and I’m sure you will ask: and who is deciding which building is worthy? Offended people, cancel culture, etc. 😀
  • the answer is really simple: YOU decide. A building is defined as worthy if somebody is ready to PAY for it to be imported / replicated / designed in 3D/VR Metaverse. You can have a 5 stars Hotel, splendid, but without anybody wanting to pay for it. And you can have a basic house, but where some Player has fond memories of his/her great mother, and that he/she wants to see in 3D/VR Metaverse.
  • as a matter of fact, that will be one of the most basic uses of the REKK minted. To pay for this.


There are more subtle details coming from this decision:

  • we will not allow anybody to build anything between worthy buildings, because it could lead to some inconsistencies at some point if the situation changes in the real world.
  • but we will just import / replicate / design the external part of each building, to be consistent with the observable reality.
  • so how you arrange the inside of the building is free. 🙂
  • you can have two Eiffel Towers in the Metaverse, sure. One in Paris and the other at Las Vegas. Like on real Earth. But not somewhere where it doesn’t exist on the real Earth. Consistency, once again.


And for the Players that love the idea to build from scratch buildings, cities and other marvelous landmarks, we’ve found a way to care about your feelings and desires too.


Ever heard of lost continents, like Atlantys, Avallon, Lyonesse, etc.? 😀