The first Metaverses attempts were mainly targeting the occidental world.


People from Asia for example were supposed to be welcomed, but when events (for example big openings) happen at 4am in your Timezone, it’s natural to not feel good.


And that, in addition to then English as only version all the websites or applications, could explain why so few Asian Players onboarded.


Earthium will change that. With a very simple process, demonstrating the respect and care towards all populations and countries: we will not open worldwide, or country by country. We will open Timezone by Timezone, and every time at the same hour, but considering the LOCAL hour. 🙂


To be crystal clear, there will be two great opening each week:

  • one Timezone will open each Wednesday, at a decent local hour,
  • and the opposite Timezone (+12) will open each Saturday, at a decent local hour.
  • and the next week, we move one step to the right on the map. 🙂


This way offers many benefits:

  • whatever the country where you live, there will always be at least one of the weekly openings at a decent hour in your local time.
  • the opening of the country where you live will always be at a decent time for you!
  • the openings will cover a predefined period of 3 months (12 weeks).
  • you can prepare the opening in advance, as you know what territories will open, and it will cover several countries almost every time.


To be noted: we will not use the real Time zones, but 24 equivalent rectangles splitting the full map, that we name Timezones (yeah, subtle!). So even a small country can have part of its territory opened on one week, and the other one opened the next week.


We will probably offer the Players to vote, because there will still be one point to define: each week the two Timezones to open are defined in advance, but which one on Wednesday, and which one on Saturday? 😀