Let’s be immediately clear, to define the tune in our community and on our social networks: we want to endorse the value of respect. That includes respect towards our fellow platforms, applications and websites.


Either being Virtual Land platforms, games, or serious gaming EdTech, they deserve our respect for what they did or do well, and our understanding (and in some cases, if possible, our help) for when they suffer a hazard and fight to bypass their situation.


We can try to be fair. We allow our community to speak about the other platforms, applications and websites, to compare the features, food or bad points of each of them.


But we don’t want toxic behavior, being on our side (overprotective fans) or from other sides (haters/spammers).


We would love everybody to understand a simple thing: we don’t need others to fail to be successful ourselves. We don’t need to belittle others to be proud of what we are doing. And it’s of course the same in the reverse situation.


To give a very precise example, Frederic has invested in several startups, several cryptocurrencies, and several metaverses. He is for example the main whale in AfterEarth.io and MetaEarth.io and discuss with the founders of MetaEarth.io and NextEarth.io. As he wrote to the CEO of another platform: “The opponent is not another platform, you or me, it’s the indifference of the vast majority of gamers, crypto investors, etc. We should cooperate for greater awareness of this field.”


Metaverses are here to stay, and nobody can say for now which ones will pass the ultimate test of time. But as in any industry, the best ones will have at some point to cooperate, for example to define common norms or APIs to allow avatars to pass from a Metaverse to another.


We are like neighbor countries. No need for wars to prosper ourselves. 😉