Once again, the focus on the community as our main and most valuable asset leads to different ways of thinking and decisions.


We will not base our promotion strategy on ads or youtubers and other social networks influencers.


Nothing against you, mates, we love you, we love your work, there is a budget for you and even a part of our Ambassadors program is reserved for you.


The problem is: influencers are such a little part of our community. We need to add something else.


And the answer is simple: we need our own media.


At first, it will be an online magazine. Interviews of the big names of the community. Opinions of the Parliament members. Report of the recent Side Events. Advancements of the Storyline. this kind of things. And a Web Radio, to entertain you during the openings for example.


Then we will accelerate with a WebTV, and if everything works well, some new kind of reality shows making the link between the Storyline and Quests and the Players and Houses that make the game move on.


Let’s be clear. We don’t think the same way as everybody else. Common rules don’t apply to us. It’s just the beginning. 😉