Every time a Player buys a Tile for the first time and mints a REKK, the Player gets one point of Experience.


Every time a Player buys a Property on the Market, the Player gets one point of Experience, multiplied by the number of times the Property has already been resold.


Some other means to earn Experience will be introduced in due course.


When a Player has earnt enough Experience points, the Level of this Player is raised by one. And, oh surprise, the maximum Level a Player can reach is 21.


The Level of a Player has a direct influence on what the Player can find in the Treasure Chests.


For example, a Level 2 Player could find a Golden Treasure Chest and earn 20 REKK and a NFT of silver rarity.


Opening the same Golden Treasure Chest, a Level 12 Player would have found for example 150 REKK and a NFT of the same series, but of golden rarity!


So basically, each Player can choose between two strategies:

  • either buy new Tiles, get REKK with these Tiles,
  • or buy Properties on the Market and boost their Level faster to get more REKK on the long run, with the Treasure Chests.


Choices are good. We like choices… What will be yours? 😀