NFTs are very popular nowadays. And Metaverses’ Properties seem to be the perfect candidates to make good NFTs.


But in Earthium, we decided to take another stance. The Properties made of Tiles you buy in Earthium will NOT be NFTs.


Instead of this popular vision, we decided to introduce a dual in-game currency:

  • on one hand, you get the Property, defined as a block of Tiles you buy at the same time.
  • on the other hand, for each Tile you buy for the first time from us (it doesn’t apply to Auctions or Market), you earn 1 REKK in addition of your Tile.


So, if you buy a Property made of 80 Tiles, you will get both the Property, and 80 REKK.


And when you sell the Property to another Player, being by an Auction or by the Market, you only sell the Property. You keep the REKK.


These REKK are a full real cryptocurrency. You will be able to use them in the games in Earthium or withdraw them in a wallet (Metamask for example) and trade them outside of the Earthium website.