The majority of current Metaverses attempts work the same way: everybody is rushing to get the main landmarks and buildings – Eiffel Tower, Colosseum, Vatican, White House, Wall Street, Lotus Temple, etc. – then dream of selling them for tens of thousands of dollars.


And this reference point propagates to every kind of Property, to everybody.


At some point you get two simultaneous flaws:

  • people stop buying new Properties in the main areas,
  • the Market becomes almost dead, or at least horrible to see, made up only of Properties with sky-high prices that nobody will buy, and of extraordinary sales (-80%, buy me, buy me). Both are horrible insights for a newcomer.


In Earthium we decided we didn’t want to see this. We want fluidity, we want Properties to sell fast, and often. We want to offer you a totally different kind of dream and experience:


  • instead of dreaming to have found the big hit, and experiencing the fact to sleep on it, waiting for a huge buyer in several weeks, months or years, without any action or movement,
  • we want to offer you the dream to multiplying your bankroll very quickly, and the experience of going out for a walk, coming back and finding that some of your properties has been bought for several times the price you originally paid for it.


Or to put it a different way: we want you to get quick wins instead of long-term hopes of fortune.