Bitcoin, Ethereum and the other cryptocurrencies have their haters (including lot of politicians, bankers and economists, everywhere in the world). And their main concern almost always revolves around the fact that these have no real value and are just speculative assets.


They love to compare the crypto market to the tulips of a few centuries ago. But to be fair, they forget to speak about the fact that the current currencies are no more linked to gold for the last 45 years, see the story that could have been written by Tom Clancy:


With the current covid crisis, almost all the countries have created money to sustain their economy and their enterprises. As shown by the bull run on the cryptocurrencies, the trust towards the official currencies is falling. And that disqualifies the “stablecoins” too, having a defined equivalence with classical currencies, as they will lose the trust as fast as the flat currency they are linked to. But the other current cryptocurrencies are indeed speculative assets and fail to be ultimate candidates to become a mainstream reserve of value.


What the world need is a new category of cryptocurrencies using all the benefits of the blockchain (environmental-efficient kinds of blockchains, to be precise), and at the same time, coming back to a system where their value is backed by real-world assets – as it was the case with the classical currencies and gold in the past.


We want Earthium to be a representative of this new kind of cryptocurrency. We will allocate permanently 40% of all income from the platform to the accumulation and management of real-world assets, being gold, shares of companies, real-world real estate, and major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.).


These real-world assets produce interests (dividends, asset management returns, etc.). These interests are 100% allocated to buy REKK on the various exchanges, to support and boost the price of our Cryptocurrency.


These real-world assets reserves are both “backing” the company and ensuring the fact that it will be almost impossible for the company managing Earthium to die, and “backing” the REKK cryptocurrency itself, to give an additional and proven value to this cryptocurrency.