A community-based project needs an alignment between the expectations, behaviors, commitment of the Players / Users / Customers and of the Team / Company / Organization.


That’s the reason why the Mission Statement, the Golden Circles Why / How / What, etc. are so commonly used or researched in the professional world.


And so, in Earthium we wanted to be clear since day 1 (since day -60 as a matter of fact, but anyway ^^) and to proudly display the values we want to build Earthium, the company, the team and the community, on.


We focus on three core values (yes, the wordplay is intentional: we also believe that is what will ultimately make the value of the project, the cryptocurrency and the company):

  • Respect.
  • Fun.
  • Cooperation.


And as values are not supposed to only be said or written, but need to be demonstrated and proven, becoming the foundations of a common culture, we made a lot of original choices and designed a lot of specific features to prove them.


We hope you will take the same pleasure reading what follows that we take designing it. 🙂