People come and have a look because of FOMO and speculation, but they stay because of fun and social interactions.


That’s why we decided to be heavy on fun and social interactions.


So, we will allocate a lot of REKK to Side Events.


Side Events can be in-game (a land rush is a basic kind of side event), but also out of the game, for example:

  • little daily games on Discord and social networks (rush, lottery, quiz, etc.)
  • contests of images/posters for Instagram, with votes and prizes
  • vote for the best YouTube video of the week / of the month
  • the list goes on and on, and we trust the community to come with new and fun ideas.


And that’s the point of having Organizers, community members that volunteer to propose and manage this kind of events.


Like the Moderators / Mods that any platform can name on Discord or on their official channels of discussion with their community, Organizers will be Players deciding to allocate part of their time for the community.


The target is simple: everyday, new side events, every week new big opportunities, every time something new and exciting to give you a good reason to stay and interact. That’s the way a community becomes a place where you feel at home!