Prepared since 2017, StartupMakers gathers Corporate, Investors and Academic partners to build business co-development engines, powered by Open Capitalism rules and the aggregated deal flow of startups. Launched in 2018 by HSBC, XEROX, EPBS and DOJO, with the support of Paris Stock Exchange, the consortium grew fast in Europe, with14 major members, 400 business angels involved, 900 corporate managers trained on innovation, and 500 selected startups (2019 figures).


In 2020 it was decided to get one step further and to create a company to promote and monetize the results of this first era. A partnership was signed between Paris Stock Exchange and Dojo to develop training programs focusing on the upcycling of skills on the different fields of innovation and of the startup world, based on the works, tools and mappings developed by Dojo since 2017.


These elements are the foundations of the Business Simulation Serious Game of Earthium, and this situation explains the strong involvement of StartupMakers in the launch of Earthium and the design of this third layer. Christophe Connille is Vice-President of StartupMakers, in charge of the Corporate Network.


StartupMakers LTD is one of the main shareholders of Alterneum LTD.