There are two kinds of games.


The first kind is made of resets. Chess, Call of Duty or Monopoly are of this kind. You begin a game, you play, you finish the game, next time you will start anew.


The second kind is made of an environment moving forward. Roleplaying games campaigns, MMORPGs are of this kind. The game has a beginning but moves on. And if you play, quit the game and come back to play again, you’re not restarting every time at the same time. Either the game has evolved but was on pause waiting for the return of the king (you), or in case of MMO games, the situation has changed during your absence.


Earthium is in the second category. Not only because some other players will have bought or sold properties while you were online. Earthium has a background and a storyline. Players can find Lost Relics, looking for Clues and information, solving Enigmas and discovering Secrets, and ultimately can find Lost Continents – and claim part of these lands and their Mythical Resources.


As we said: it’s not a simple trading platform. It’s a game!