A Metaverse needs to connect to the real business world to create some incoming streams of value, or it will be at best a zero-sum system where the money only circulates between the Players and from the Players to the central company, without growing.


A very recurrent answer is about Corporate companies that would at some point come and pay to advertise in the Metaverse.


That could work. Maybe. A little bit.


But we have now more than 20 years of experience with the Internet that demonstrate that it was not the best answer for Internet startups, and even that if a startup has only this way of earning money, you probably shouldn’t invest in it!


The best way to create these incoming streams of value, and money from the real-world Corporate companies, is the most classical one: to prove that you can provide them new customers or customers channels (and no, it’s not the same as ads), or relevant data they couldn’t find anywhere else, or another sort of original value.


A classic example of this is Domino’s Pizza and WoW. The fact that a Player could order a pizza without leaving the game was a real source of value for Domino’s Pizza, and then a reason for them to pay for it. And not the fantasy of putting a sticker of domino’s logo on the Lich-King! 😀


In Earthium, the Business Simulation Serious Game offer a lot of golden opportunities to create this kind of income, and therefore earn fresh money not from the Players – and redirect part of this money towards the Players!


The most evident one, and the only one we will share with you at this stage of our growth, is to provide a perfect field of training for the employees of these Corporate companies. On this side, Earthium could be considered as an EdTech specialized in Gamification. And StartupMakers and Dojo already sell this kind of training programs to big French Corporate companies for several years now. 😉