Regarding the second population, the persons interested in cryptocurrencies investment, as soon as we have reached a solid amount of backing, we will launch a massive campaign to promote REKK cryptocurrency.


We have direct access to several thousands of influencers and professionals in this sector, we have organized Paris Blockchain Week initial and closure events, we have direct contact with officials from Binance, etc.


And more than anything, we have a solid concept of cryptocurrency that will excite any investor in the cryptoverse!


In addition to this, regular introduction of NFTs in the Treasure Chests will be enough to create the hype with this population – and we already have several partnering projects ready to go.


And last but not least, we don’t want to sell REKK cryptocurrency ourselves on Binance or other trading platforms. We let this to the Players that want to sell their REKK. But there will be an exception to this rule: as long as the Ambassadors seats will not be fully occupied, there will be some REKK from the Ambassadors Vault not distributed.


These REKK will be used to promote awareness on Earthium by Airdrops and different other forms of promotion based on the distribution of cryptocurrency, being presales, sales, or side events.