There are two basic populations we are targeting to reach a first large audience. By order:

  • the players already used to Virtual Land Trading Platforms,
  • the investors in cryptocurrencies or persons interested in this topic.


Regarding the first population, used to Virtual Land Trading, we designed “an offer that can’t be refused”.


Being from Earth2 or AfterEarth, we’re going to offer for a limited time a Fork!


That means that for a limited time, if you want to join Earthium, you can register, send us the link to your profile on E2 or AE. Then an operator will ask you to change the name of a specific Property of your Profile to include a code and check that this is your account. Then, after you paid 10% of your Net Worth in this E2 or AE account, we will give you 30% of this Net Worth in Credits to begin on Earthium!


And if you’re also a member of the Players Parliament, this limit can get higher: up to 20% (for Rank 5 Seats) or 30% (for higher Rank Seats) of the Net Worth, to get up to 60% or 90% of this Net Worth in Credits!


If you have doubts on one of these platforms, or just if you want to cover any risk, or just to earn more free money, this is a huge offer, that demonstrates two things:

  • we’re not hostile to E2 or AE Players. As a matter of fact, Earthium is launched by people involved both in E2 and AE.
  • and we want to create bridges between these Metaverses attempts and Earthium. This is a proof. And this could be a beginning, opening to new forms of cooperation to invent together.


Then we will reach the Gamers by targeted ads and influence campaigns on dedicated medias and influencers. The gaming industry is now huge and there are even agencies specialized in this area.


The game design and its originality are strong assets, but just the “play the kind of game you love, without subscription, without ads, and earn real-world money on top of that!” will be enough to get a part of them first. Then, that’s always the same for a game: either it’s a good one, and it will succeed by word of mouth, or it’s a bad one.


Earthium game will be a good one. 🙂