Some startups or projects are heavily based on their technology. That’s the case, for example, if you create a company to develop a new kind of Artificial Intelligence. Or a flying car.


For these startups, the technology they develop is the core value of the company. Their success is dependent from their core technology. So, for customers, for investors and for analysts, the Tech Team of the company is a critical point to check, and the fact to use their-party components, software or technologies is a big flaw, because you’re supposed to keep a total control on what is the core value of your company.


For the other startups, where the core value is not based on the technology, that’s not the same. The part you have to keep 100% on your control can be the marketing, or the sales, or the communication, or the content production (see Netflix strategy and development for example).


In our case, the technology is not the core value of the company. The core value is made of the game design, the content (Storyline, Quests, etc.), and the community.


That doesn’t mean that we can afford to have a crappy product, or to keep the potential bugs unsolved. 😀


But that means that we can lean on external contractors, experts supporting the project, and heavily make use of third-party components or services.


In addition to the teams having developed the great products Earthium uses in its tech stack, several developers and technical experts have been and keep being involved in this project.


Three people especially have played and will continue to play a big role in Earthium development. In some cases, they asked to stay anonymous, and in this case, we just display the first name, but we wanted to list them as a way to publicly thank them for their help and skill!

  • Laurent Rak, as security expert and software architect, and an investor in Dojo since 2016, was the first to advise Frederic Dembak – Le Strat on the options to develop the first version of Earthium.
  • Thy, React.js developer (among other skills), was in charge or redeveloping all the front-end to improve the first version and get us to a bug-free platform.
  • Manuel, server’s expert, was in charge of the first infrastructure of servers to ensure the quality and robustness of Earthium – and to limit the risk of server crash! 😀
  • Marilyn, front-end developer and UX/UI designer was very helpful to the Team to think about a very nice user experience and easy and beautiful interfaces for the Players.