Created with Civilization video game, the Tech Tree is a concept central to a lot of games.


As you develop your empire (Properties, Resources and Business), you can use specific Resources to access new possibilities.


In some games, you use your Resources to build new Buildings, allowing you to produce new Units for example.


Earthium will progressively develop the same kind of concept. We say progressively because at first, you will have access to a first simple Tech Tree, to boost your Explorer(s).


But then we will add more options and various Tech Trees, for example allowing Houses to gather Resources to unlock special Privileges and Boosts for all the members of the House (great way to be attractive to hire new Players by the way).


Some of these Tech Trees will be openly announced and explained, and some of them will have to be discovered, triggered or unlocked under specific conditions at the Player level, the House level, or the whole Community level.


We’re here for the long run. Don’t expect to “finish the game” in 1 or 2 years. 😀