The Houses are a specific Feature of Earthium, and the cornerstone of our vision and value of Cooperation between Players.


Alliances, Guilds, Leagues, Clubs, Clans… A good Massive Multimedia Online Game is not only defined by the possibilities offered to the Players, but also by the possibilities the Game or Platform provide to the Players to organize themselves in groups to compete between groups.


In Earthium, we call these groups Houses. You can name it as you like it, Targaryen or Gryffondor if you want.


You can define your own House Flag and your members can choose to use it on their Properties instead of a country Flag.


Houses are like intermediary bodies. They add a place between the single Player and the Community as a whole. They also offer an easiest way for the Earthium Team to communicate with the community, top-down and bottom-up: it’s easier to speak with a Council made of the Heads of the 100 main Houses of Earthium (Imperium from Dune ^^), and this way reach 100.000 Players, than using a Discord with, let’s say, 10.000 Players!


As Earthium community grows and the number of Players and Houses grows with it, we will develop more options and features for the Houses, both for internal management of the House, and for the collective power of the Houses in the Game.