Tiles Classes is a great idea. And Players to receive a regular revenue from the Properties they already own is a great idea too.


But it doesn’t mean the first movers should have both the opportunity to get the best Properties, AND the Tiles with the most value.


As a matter of fact, the Property Revenue is a superb opportunity to give an incentive to Players to continue to onboard Earthium even 1 year after the beginning, and for the already present Players to continue to buy Tiles!


It is just a case of flipping Land Classes from the model established elsewhere to one that makes sense to the long-term health of the game – from stacking short term rewards to a small few and instead encouraging everyone to share in the ongoing success of the game: the more you advance in Tiles Classes, the more your Tiles let you earn as revenue!


And to be sure even the old Players, with low level Class Tiles, have a reason to push the bar further, when the Class of new Tiles get one step higher, EVEN the previous Classes get a boost regarding the Property Revenue they provide.


This way, there is always an incentive, for new Players as for old Players, to continue to move forward!


Your logical answer should be “yes, but anyway, if there are not a lot of buyers on some period, the Property Revenue will be so low that it doesn’t matter”. And you could be right… anywhere else. 😀


The Property Revenue is provided in in-game Credits, not in dollars. You can use it to buy for free new Tiles and Properties – why not dollars?  Because this way we can be more generous.


Welcome in a Metaverse where even coming in year 3, you will have ample opportunity to succeed! 😀