As our objective is to fill your life of fun and excitation, the strategy is not to launch a Treasure Hunt once a quarter or semester. Especially during these difficult times, you need opportunities to smile and enjoy on a weekly basis.


So, we opted for a weekly rhythm, because it’s easier to communicate for us, it’s easier to manage for you, and that ensure that you have fun several times a week!


Each week we will launch at least one Side Event or Hunt. It will depend on the workload:

  • if we’re really busy and don’t have any time to allocate to the weekly Side Event, it will be a hunt. Because it’s simple: we put symbols on several Tiles in an Area, we provide clues on the Area to look for, and it’s done.
  • if we have more time, it could be different kinds of Side Events, from a special Enigma Event to a collective operation (Mega City in the form of an elephant? :-D).


We want Earthium to become part of your life. And somebody you laugh with just once a month or less is not really part of your life. 😉