Even built and managed by brilliant AND experienced entrepreneur, a company, to succeed, need to get support from more world class advisors.


And that’s what we’ve done in Earthium. We took high level, brilliant and supportive Advisors to cover any dead angle and help us to seize every opportunity with the right timing and the right approach.


Serious Gaming, Game & Data:

Benoit Meras, Sr General Partner of Dojo, 15+ years of experience as a consultant and mentor to startups. Tags: software development, business models, pitch, game theory, gamification.


Florent Blachot, former Director of Data Science for Ubisoft, and now VP Data of Fandom.



Values and Impact:

Sébastien Sauge, Sr General Partner of Dojo, 15+ years of experience as a teacher-researcher and coach. Tags: innovation, mappings, sustainable development, visual communication.


Aviram Rozin, Founder and International Director of Sadhana Forest, trained Sebastien on Permaculture and created a vegan volunteer-based organization focused on creating long-term plant-based food security through environmental restoration, in India, Haiti, and Kenya.




Zirao Zhang, Chinese, Sr General Partner of Dojo, 10+ years of experience as Coworking Spaces Network Director. Tags: customer care, cross-cultural exchanges, animal welfare.


Maximilien Nayaradou, French, COO of Finance Innovation, having worked with Frederic and Christophe to develop StartupMakers and Finance Future Skills training programs since 2017.



World class Advisors are also an asset to continue raising funds from the VC community. Unicorn Hunt, guys? 🙂