The Tiles price, when you buy if first on the Map, is one of the most distinctive features that define a platform.


Recently we’ve seen platforms with price by Country, then platforms with price by City.


But in both cases, at some point everything becomes static: the best spots have been taken, and people, seeing the new price, prefer to buy elsewhere, so nothings move anymore in the considered country or city. Which pretty soon spreads to more and more countries and cities until the whole game becomes stale.


That’s why we took a very different stance in Earthium: the price of Tiles is worldwide!


You will find below a table providing the detail of the algorithm defining the price rises. Basically, the price is doubled every at pre-defined intervals of Tiles sold.


And this has a very positive side effect: you cannot have a “bad surprise” when you buy a property because of a land rush. You cannot click, thinking you are buying 50 tiles for 5$, only to discover that you just paid $70 for the tiles because in the ten seconds it took you to click “buy” the tiles rocketed up in price (not value) due to some pre-programmed algorithm. Once – at pre-defined and publicly available transfer points, we will double the Tile price. We will advise and warn ahead of time, and where possible when such transfer points are imminent. It will affect less than 0,001% of total transactions within the game.


What this choice also means is that we don’t really care about the Tile price. This price is more the price to mint a new REKK. What we focus on is the Landmarks and Properties with relevant, original, interesting content.


Here is the table. Enjoy! 🙂